Basic Wash


Wash and hand dry, under carriage pressure wash, wheel and tire wash, clean door jams and clean windows in and out.

Deluxe Interior Cleaning

$99 to $149 based on vehicle size

Blow out and vacuum interior, remove built up dirt and grime, shampoo carpets, clean upholstery, condition all appropriate interior surfaces with non silicone conditioner, clean windows inside and out.

Deluxe Exterior Cleaning

$99 to $149 based on vehicle size

Completely clean the exterior of your vehicle including the under carriage, wheel wells, door jams, wheels and tires. Treat all vinyl rubber surfaces with the proper preservative to restore color. clean and treat wheels and tires. Apply carnuba wax and buff to a high sheen.

Complete Detail Package

$175 to $250 based on vehicle size

This package includes our deluxe interior and exterior detailing. Clay bar treatment can be added for an additional

Interior Shampoo and Cleaning (Carpets and Seating)

$49.95 to $64.95 based on vehicle size

Our detailing artists clean the fabric and/or leather surfaces of your seats and carpets. This includes hot water extraction of appropriate areas. This is the deepest cleaning possible for carpets and seats. Carpets only: $39.05/$54.95. Seating only: $24.95/39.95

Detail and Wash Packages



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