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The Full Story

It's A Wax, It's A Sealant, No,
It's A Ceramic Finish!

      Back in the day, Wax was the best finish to use to protect the paint on your vehicle, but even the best "Simoniz" Paste wax would not last more than a month on a daily driver car or truck and frequently less than that.  Then along came Synthetic Sealants.  These  more modern finishes were good for three and sometimes up four months.  Then came "CERAMIC" finishes.  One of the first and still the best is called "Diamond Plate" and yes it is also made by "Simoniz".  

The Best of the Best!

     Just how durable is a Ceramic Finish?  The two photos to the right and left of this text show a vehicle that we coated with "Simoniz, Diamond Plate Ceramic Finish more than two years ago. After a quick wash the finish is as good as it was when we applied the product.   

What Is A Ceramic Finish?

     It is literally a "Space Age" nano ceramic polymer coating that reacts with your vehicle's clear coat finish to form to form a second layer, thicker than the original clear coating for added protection.  These highly cross-linked coatings are extremely weather resistant, provide UV protection, wear and acid rain resistance.  These coatings are so durable that they are widely used in the aerospace industry.  

Recent Ceramic Coating

The vehicle shown to the left was recently coated with Simoniz Diamond Plate Ceramic Finish by the certified technicians at Auto Express Detailing.  Their attention to detail and pre-coating preparation is sure to give this vehicle, like the one shown above years of lasting protection .

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