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What Is A

Complete or Full Detail

We hand wash your vehicle after first power rinsing the entire vehicle followed by applying foamed PH Neutral carwash soap.  Next we hand wash using a microfiber mitt and a "three bucket system". These steps are all important to help prevent micro scratches or swirl marks in your vehicle finish.  Now we power rinse the exterior followed by a towel dry and compressed air blow out of the weep areas.  Finally we wash the vehicle undercarriage.  We perform moderate bug and road tar removal.  We wash tires wheel wells and rims.  We will machine polish areas with minor scratches followed by an application of a long lasting synthetic sealant.  Finally we dress all exterior vinyl and plastic moldings and now move to the interior.   

Because Your Investment Is Our Highest Priority


We thoroughly vacuum the interior including the trunk.  We steam clean and or hot water extract seats and carpets.  We clean and dress all interior vinyl.  We clean all leather with a special leather cleaner followed by a leather conditioner.  We clean windows and mirrors inside and out and we even clean ashtrays.  We can even remove odors using our ozone machine. 

Ultimate Protection a Ceramic Coating

If you wish to give your vehicle the ultimate in vehicle finishes we offer a Ceramic Finish with a two year written warranty.  No other finish will protect your vehicle finish like a ceramic coating.

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