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What Is

A Ceramic Finish

Why You Should Have One

     A "Ceramic Finish" is the latest and by far the best protection for the painted surfaces of your vehicle. 

     If you have a relatively new vehicle in good condition or a valuable older antique or classic car or truck you should protect the value in that vehicle with a "Ceramic Finish".

     The coating you put over the paint on your vehicle becomes the sacrificial layer protecting the clear coat on the vehicle.  The best wax will protect for one month or less.  A good synthetic sealant for about four months.  A properly applied "Ceramic Finish" will protect for a minimum of two years and usually much longer.  What is a ceramic finish and how does it work.


A Ceramic finish is a nano ceramic polymer coating that reacts with the vehicle's clear coat to form a second layer and thicker coating for added protection.  These highly cross linked coatings are extremely weather resistant, Provide UV protection, wear and acid rain resistance.  These coatings are so durable that they are used in the aerospace industry.  

At Auto Express Detailing we use "Diamond Plate" Ceramic Finish from SIMONIZ 

  • Protects against acid rain

  • Bird Droppings which can quickly eat through your clear coat

  • Tree Sap, also will damage your clear coat

  • Insects

  • Aerosol Spray Paint

  • Corrosion

  • Road de-icing materials

  • Hard water spots

  • UV damage

  • Paint Overspray from painting highway lines 

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