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Ala Carte Options

Add any of our Ala Carte Options to your Wash Package!

Prices Subject To Change Without Notice

Synthetic Polymer Sealant


We first tape areas of the body of your previously washed vehicle that should not be sealed then high quality Synthetic Sealant by "Simoniz" is applied to your vehicle using a DA Polisher for flawless coverage followed by hand buffing for an unbeatable shine and long lasting durability.  Lasts more than three times longer than wax.

Ceramic Coating

The Ultimate In Protection


Ceramic Coatings provide the highest level of protection you can have applied to your vehicle.  Properly cared for they last for a number of years, making your vehicle easier to clean and offering the highest level of UV protection.  Before being applied your vehicle must be perfectly clean and free from all possible paint defects. 

The application and curing is a lengthy process.  We ask that we be able to have your vehicle for two days 

IMG_2898 Bike 2 - Copy.jpg

Wax vs. Synthetic Polymar

     For years wax was the best protection available for your vehilce but for vehicle driven daily, even if garage kept the best wax finish lasts only one month at best. 

     To give you the most for your money we are no longer using wax to protect your vehicle's finish, instead we are applying a coat of a high quality Synthetic Sealant which lasts three times as long as wax.

Basic Interior Vacuum


Vacuum vehicle interior to remove most loose dirt and debris

Interior Wipe Down


Our detailing artists will wipe down all interior hard surfaces of your vehicle to remove dust and light debris.

Interior Deodorizer

Ozone Machine Treatment $70.00  added to Interior or Complete Detail price.

Deep reaching and effective treatment that neutralizes a wide variety of odors.

Scotchgard Interior


Scotch Guard is an environmentally friendly material made by 3M that protects your carpet and upholstery free from spills and stains.

Modern Engine Cleaning


Ideal for modern cars and trucks. Degrease and clean all visible under hood parts to produce showroom clean apearance. Dress all parts with proper dressing.

Show Car Engine Cleaning


Ideal for older vehicles where there is a considerable amount of grease and grime to remove .

Undercarriage Pressure Cleaning and Desalt


Thoroughly rinses with clean water, the complete under carriage of your vehicle using our specially made undercarriage pressure washer. Add soap for an extra $10.

Remove Excess Road Tar

$74.00 per hour

We remove any damaging road tar that may have splattered onto your vehicle by using our special solvents.

Remove Road Paint

$74.00 per hour

Removes unwanted paint caused by highway maintenance.

Clay Bar Surface Cleansing

$74.00 per hour

Vehicles are subjected to bombardment by numerous contaminates from the atmosphere which bond with and damage paint. The best way to remove them and restore the slick finish is to treat them with a clay bar.

Window Cleaning and Polishing


Clean your vehicle windows inside and out including polishing for an unbelievable clarity. Included with full and exterior detail packages.

Clean, Polish, and Coat Headlights


If cloudy headlights are restricting your night time vision this service will return your headlights to like new condition.

Tire and Wheel Cleaning


Clean tires, wheels, mud flaps, wheel wells, brake disk and caliper if visible. Dress wheels and tires. Included with Complete Detail and Exterior Detail packages.

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