Winter White Blues --We Can Help!

     Until March 31, 2021 purchase an interior detail and receive free of charge an undercarriage rinse and treatment with Simoniz DeSalt.

AED Images 9 snow on car in bay.jpg

The winter of 2020 - 2021 looks like one for the record books.   


All that snow sure is pretty in the woods and fields but not so on the roads where your car or truck needs to get you safely to work, the store, home, and to other important places.  

To make it possible for vehicles to get through all that snow and ice the highway departments have constantly been improving the materials they use to melt the snow and leave clear roadways.  Good for the roads but not good for your vehicle.  The latest products often used to pre-treat the roadways not only stick to the pavement, once they get on your vehicle they stick there too and do not just rinse away.

Simoniz, the oldest car care product company in the world was founded in 1910 and is still an innovator in the industry today.  Realizing the problems caused by the latest highway clearing products, Simoniz went to work to create products to help reduce the threat to your vehicles.  DeSalt is a special detergent designed to directly neutralize these new road de-icing treatments right down to the pores of the metals, painted, and other hard surfaces. RUSTITE provides a rust inhibition to the undercarriage of a vehicle for added protection.