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Damage From Bugs, Birds, Tree Sap, Swirls and More

All of the above can do serious damage to the finish of your vehicle. 


Bugs, Bird Droppings, and Tree Sap, when not quickly removed from the finish will etch into the clear coat causing damage that is not quickly, easily or inexpensively be repaired. Bird droppings, bugs, and sap should always be removed from the finish of your vehicle when observed.  Industrial fallout though not as serious should also be removed using a clay bar or mitt with the proper lubricant. 


Swirl marks are usually caused during vehicle washing. Automatic car washes that use brushes in the wash process are often the cause. Washing by hand using a single bucket for soap, wash mitt rinse and wheel wells is another cause. Hand washing without a good rinse prior to the wash.  Swirl marks take away from the appearance of the vehicle. Removal of swirl marks can be costly and time-consuming as it requires compounding and polishing the paint surface.

Any time a vehicle finish is treated with a clay bar or clay mitt or is compounded or polished it will require a new Wax, Sealant, or Ceramic Finish on top of the paint.  



Damage to the hood of a car caused by bird droppings that were not cleaned from the vehicle promptly.  The finish of the vehicle was not protected by any sort of wax, synthetic sealant, or ceramic coating.  Any of which would have helped protect the finish but even with a ceramic coating bird droppings, dead insects and tree sap should be removed promptly to prevent damage.  

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